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Berufjordur Fiord Story

Enroute to Egilsstadir, the Iceland Fairies guided us through the Berufjordur Fiord for some of the best and most magical shooting of the trip.  The fiord is one of the largest of the eastern fiords being 20 KM long and 2 to 5 KM wide. At times, you can even spot whales, seals and porpoises in it and it is ringed by some magnificent jagged peaks. However on this day as we entered the ocean side opening of the fiord, the peaks were covered by fog reaching from the peaks to the road with intermittent sunshine peeking through. This is when the Fairies started their light show.  For the 20 KM drive we saw rainbow after rainbow until we lost count. Then, we saw what I consider to be the thickest from top of the curve to bottom, and the lowest (just off the ground) rainbow I have ever seen in my life.  I swear it felt like we drove through it. It was that low and right in front of us, not high in the sky. As we reached the end of the fiord, we noticed there was a black sand beach with fog drifting over it and sunlight filtering through the fog.

OMG, what a shooting opportunity!.  We quickly found a place to pullover, grabbed our gear and ran to the beach before the fog could dissipate.  With a steady wind blowing from the fiord, Anastasia used a peach colored fabric that billowed in the breeze creating many artistic shapes as she swirled through the fog with the sun peaking through to provide rim lighting and shimmering off the fabric. Truly one of the best shoots of the trip and I was so happy to capture the joy Anastasia felt swirling through the fog dancing on the black sand.  We continued on to drive the other side of the fiord to eventually hit foggy steep mountainous roads by the sea at the headlands before going up another fiord. We then followed the valley at the end of that fiord to reach mountain passes via  a gravel road heading to Egilsstadir.

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