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Dyrholaey Beach Story

When shooting on the Dyrholaey Promontory, we noticed a road to the lower part of the area but it was too dark to check it out. We made plans to visit it prior to sunset the next day and possibly shoot again on the Promontory. The next day, after exploring and shooting around the Vik area most of the day, we returned to check out the lower area about two hours before sunset.  After some exploring we discovered a beach that was restricted and chained off.  To get to the beach, you had to climb down a little cliff. I was not up to the challenge, but of course Anastasia the Mountain Goat made it look easy. There were some amazing rock formations on a small beach with the Promontory and a rock formation with two arches in the distant background.


I positioned myself on a ridge overlooking the beach about 50 yards from Anastasia. I attached my 70-200mm lens to capture the scene. I don't use the lens very often, but always get amazing results when it is needed. With no way to communicate other than with hand signals, I relied on her skills to select different dresses and where to position herself with the lens to get the shots. We must have had a mind link, because she positioned herself perfectly to get the best shots as I varied between shooting close ups and wider views to capture the sea stacks and rock arches in the background.  At one point she was a prancing pony dancing on the beach delighted in being one with nature, and I found joy capturing her sense of freedom.


It was getting dusky and we wanted to be at the Promontory at sunset. Anastasia found a different way to exit the beach  that did not involve climbing out. It had even more amazing rock formations. We thought we would try to shoot there early the next morning. We headed to the Promontory, but it was too cloudy to do sunset shooting.  So we enjoyed playing tourist and seeing parts of the area we did not see the day before. The next morning, the rain was pouring down.  We donned our rain gear to check out the other part of the beach, but found that the wind was too intense and the waves were too dangerous as they were crashing on and covering the beach. I kick myself now for the lost opportunity and not shooting the day before. Those are the breaks. So, we hit the road to drive to our next base near Diamond Beach about 2 hours north with some planned stops in lava fields and glaciers along the way if the weather permitted. However, I was not feeling optimistic as the intense winds gusting to 20 mph and hard rain rocked the car as we headed down the road.

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