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Fjardarheidi Pass Story

Fjardarheidi Pass.  After spending the first day in Egilsstadir traveling and hiking to Studagil Canyon, we decided to visit the town of Seydisfjordur at the head of a fiord and then drive to Skalanes at the end of the fiord on the ocean side for some hopeful wild scenery and shooting. To get to Seydisfjordur, you have to drive over this high mountain pass, Fjardrheidi where there is skiing in the winter. When we got to the top, we saw a beautiful sight of snow covered black mountains partially hidden by fog. Then we discovered the lake with the foggy mountains in the background! We found a place to pull over and checked it out. Just off the shore, the fairies placed the perfect rock for posing. Anastasia grabbed some white fabric and went through various poses on the rock. My jaw dropped at the beauty of how she was using that tiny rock to pose combined with the shimmery lake and foggy background. After finishing at that spot, she saw another  opportunity across the road with more foggy mountain background with a different point of view.  The fog had dissipated where we wanted to shoot by the time we were ready. However, we captured some beautiful images with Anastasia using a bright yellow fabric that billowed into unusual shapes in the stiff breeze.

Mulafoss Waterfall.  As we descended from the mountaintop, we discovered Mulafoss Waterfall with a series of other waterfalls upstream from it. We waited for a family to leave the primary site, then we had it all to ourselves to capture some amazing art nudes with Anastasia perched on the edge of a little cliff overlooking the main pool. With the glacial water, the pool was a beautiful shade of blue. Then we headed for a tasty lunch and some shopping in Seydisfjordur. It has lots of nice shops with local art and handmade clothing. Then we started driving to Skalane. There was some nice scenery driving down the fiord, but nothing photo shoot worthy that we could access.  Then we came to a water crossing that I thought was too deep for our SUV, so we had to turn around.


Then the scariest moment in my life started. As we ascended to the mountaintop leaving Seydesfjordur, the fog that had been on the mountaintop had now descended to start shortly after leaving the town. It was the thickest fog I have ever seen. You could barely see the front of our car and could only see oncoming cars as they passed you. This is on a two lane road with no guardrails driving on switchbacks you cannot see until you suddenly see the change in the lines on the road with drop offs of up to 1000 feet.  There was no place to pull over to wait it out.  We drove in it for 30 minutes. I was starting to see optical illusions in this white void. I told Anastasia to watch the lines on her side of the road and let me know if I was getting too close while I watched the center line. I think my speed was about 20 KMPH. I told her to start making Fairy requests. The magic happened again. We had reached the top and the fog gradually started to clear.  We were both screaming with joy and high-fiving each other celebrating surviving it.

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