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March 2020

Yucatan - Haciendas

In 2020, I returned to my creative adventures by exploring the Yucatan for the first time with my new friends Dasha and Dmitriy of UTAdventures. (see Partners). Creating with the models Dasha, Femina, Sienna Hays, Ivory Flame, and Geraldine helped give my creativity a rebirth. We were fortunate to shoot in some very unique locations.    This features the shoots from several  abandoned or refurbished Haciendas ranging from being built in early to late 1800's. A separate page, "Yucatan - Nature, "focuses on images a captured among ancient cenote limestone caves, beaches and two Mayan Ruins. I was so amazed with the results and think these are some of the best image I have  ever shot. o see even  more images from this adventure, check out the related posts on the Blog page, selecting the Tag "Yucatan" at the top of the Blog page.

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