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Trinidad Hillside Paradise - Caitie (2017)

Of the several towns I visited in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, Trinidad was my favorite. An historic colonial town with streets still paved with the ballast of ships from the 1700s, laid back with some excellent restaurants. Beaches are within a five minute drive, and there are several national parks with jungles, mountains and waterfalls, and ancient sugar plantations within 30 minute drive. Caitie and I stayed in an idyllic hillside retreat overlooking the town. It had a white adobe main house with three bedrooms, a private backyard with mango and avocado trees. As a bonus, we had a second adjoining three story building that was currently empty undergoing renovations as an Airbnb. All of that plus someone making breakfast for us every morning for $100 a night.

These images were shot around the main house and is my favorite set we shot there. While Caitie is certainly posing in them, it has more of a casual, natural, voyeuristic feel to them. I really love the artistry of how she merges and uses her environment to blend in a natural way. How I shot and edited them reflects my current style that I am very happy with. One of those sets where you pinch yourself and are amazed you created! This is the third and last post from our hillside retreat. Links to the other posts are at the end of this post.

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