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  • Eric Scott

Caitie Under a Hot Tile Roof (Color 2017)

This is the second set of images Caitie and I shot in our Trinidad, Cuba accommodations. In the first set (linked blog post below), we shot on the tiled roof of our hillside house overlooking the colonial town of Trinidad on one side and views of the mountains and jungles on the other. In this set we went to the empty second floor and first floor patio that had open views to the jungles beyond and some fabulous shots of Caitie framed by the windows and palms from our mango and avocado forested back yard. Also edited some interesting Black and Whites from this same set in a separate blog (linked below).

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1 bình luận

06 thg 4, 2021

The most incredible woman. Great photos! 👍

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