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Iceland Art Adventures
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After 3 years of dealing with the effects of Covid in my Pandemic Prison, I was released to a 10 day adventure in this majestic and magical land. Little did I know how this land would change me.


This adventure demanded a collaborative partner that was up to the challenge of creating in any weather condition in this rugged country.  I was blessed to have the multi-talented Ukrainian artist Anastasia Arteyeva join me who I have known off and on for 10 years. Little did I know how she would change me influencing my creativity. She embraced the challenges enthusiastically and came to this land with her own recent challenges escaping the war in her homeland. We were also thrilled to spend one day shooting with the local creative, Icelandic Selkie.


I truly believe fate brought us together to experience this life affirming creative journey in the unique landscapes of Iceland.  From the physical challenges of ever changing weather, hikes and drives in a 4x4 vehicle through fog shrouded mountain passes to reach remote shooting locations, we thrived on the joy of creating together. Iceland renewed each or our souls and reignited the Engine of my Life.

For that reason, and in celebration of my 30th year in photography and 20th year focused on fine art nudes, I have created this page dedicated to sharing our spiritual and creative journey.  Click on each of the following images to view a gallery of each location with some stories of this epic adventure.

Dyrholaey_20220814_Eric Scott_0268.jpg
Lower Dyrholaey20220816_Eric Scott_1421.jpg
Arnardrangur_20220816_Eric Scott_0976.jpg
Reynisfjara Basalt_20220816_Eric Scott_0941.jpg
Anchor 1
Reynisfjara Beach_20220816_Eric Scott_1161.jpg
Reynisdrangar_20220816_Eric Scott_0711.jpg
Hjörleifshöfði Mountain_20220816_Eric Scott_1029.jpg
Grindavik Lava_20220822_Eric Scott_2957.jpg
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Kvernufoss_20220815_Eric Scott_0641.jpg
Stokksnes_20220818_Eric Scott_1695.jpg
Berufjordur Fiord_20220818_Eric Scott_1886.jpg
Breiðdalsheiði Peak_20220818_Eric Scott_2162.jpg
Anchor 3
Heidarvatn Lake20220820_Eric Scott_2498.jpg
Mulafoss_20220820_Eric Scott_2715.jpg
Egilsstadir Woods_20220820_Eric Scott_2314.jpg
Arctic Horses_20220822_Eric Scott_3398.jpg
Anchor 4
Kleifarvatn Lake_20220822_Eric Scott_3546.jpg
Grindavik Shipwreck_20220822_Eric Scott_3666.jpg
Crystal Dress_20220824_Eric Scott_4010.jpg
Skogafoss_20220815_Eric Scott_0569.jpg
Anchor 5
Studagil Canyon_20220819_Eric Scott_2264.jpg
Whale Watching_20220823_Eric Scott_3879.jpg
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