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July 2014


I had always wanted to experience a tall ship cruise and discovered that the largest fleet of tall masted ships in the US are located in Maine.  My friend/Model Caitie and I headed up to Maine for a Foto Adventure on the ship and Acadia Park area. The boat's captain let us shoot aboard the ship early in the morning before the rest of the guests awoke and we captured these amazing images as the golden sun first crested the horizon. Although crowded, we did find some secluded spots in Acadia to shoot in some forested areas and along the ocean side cliffs.  However, we did serve as a distraction as I noticed the same few boats seemed to be appearing and reappearing out at sea.  To see even  more images from this adventure, check out the related posts on the Blog page, selecting the Tag "Maine" at the top of the Blog page.

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