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2008 & 2016

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree was the first step in the journey that is now my life's passion via a gathering of international models and photographers. I met many creative partners that would shape my artistic journey for the next 10 years and remain some of my best personal friends. With Vassanta, as the sun was just rising and sleep still in her eyes, we created one of my most iconic images,  "Russian Hat" with tumbleweeds abounding. Eight years later I returned with Caitie where we created one of my fav images of "Outhouse Wonder Woman". Using her WW Cosplay to show WW trying to relax on a desert vacation being hounded by paparazzi. For the outhouse shot, we tried to find a porn magazine as a prop,  but had to settle for Sports Illustrated when no porn could be found.  To see even  more images from this adventure, check out the related posts on the Blog page, selecting the Tag "Joshua Tree" at the top of the Blog page.

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