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April 2009


My long time friend/collaborator Vassanta and I toured one of my favorite parts of the US - San Francisco, the Marin County Headlands, and  Point Reyes Seashore. Then we drove up the coast to Bodega Bay (town of Hitchcock's "The Birds" fame) and thru the Wine Country.  We captured fabulous Golden Hour shots on the cliffs and caves of Point Reyes, found an abandoned oyster farm in an estuary (where I lost a boot in the muck), and the flowered cliffs and almost black sand beaches outside of Bodega Bay.  At one time, it scared the hell out of me when a sneaker wave suddenly burst over the boulder she was posing on and threatened to pull her out to sea.  We then were blessed to stay at a friend's place in the Wine Country overlooking the valley below.To see even  more images from this adventure, check out the related posts on the Blog page, selecting the Tag "California" at the top of the Blog page.

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