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2013 / 2015


I am blessed to have as a best friend and artistic partner the Russian art model, Vassanta. Besides traveling all over the world and US creating together, we traveled to her homeland twice to explore the country. What is funny is that we explored parts of Russia that she had never visited before, Traveling on the Volga River for several days, we visited some of oldest cities in Russia round the Golden Ring. I even met a Russian Empress dressed in traditional costume.   In addition, we shot some on the boat in kind of voyeuristic style. We then headed to St. Petersburg to explore the Venice of the North with its Czarist palaces. We did some creative shooting around the place we were staying as she was always being creative with styling.  The next trip two years later we explored Siberia and Baikal Lake, the largest (and coldest) lake in the world. Visiting Russia with my friend ranks as my most memorable life-time experience. To see even  more images from this adventure, check out the related posts on the Blog page, selecting the Tag "Russia" at the top of the Blog page.

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