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Bon Voyage Créatif !

Happy Creative Journey! This site celebrates my  personal creative journey as an artist, those that I have collaborated with  and learned from in over 30 years of photographic arts, and the creative destinations that I have selected, and we shared, to express my Fine Art Nude creations.  

To make a better world, I believe travel and immersion in world cultures is essential. Experiencing other cultures makes you realize we are the same and removes fear of the unknown. We all desire good health, happy family, good friends and a purpose driven life. Exploring the world creating fine art nudes allows me to honor women's inner strength and grace while exhibiting the  beauty of the human form juxtaposed against the majesty and textures of the natural world.

This is the passion of my  life.  Through the sites pages, enjoy my journey constantly growing as an artist and traveler:

1) ART-VENTURES  - Selection of 30 to 40 best images from multiple shoots of a particular adventure or art project

2) INSTAGRAM - Selection of a few censored images of recent edits from shoots posted on my Instagram site

3) BLOG - Each blog is a public archive of 30 - 50 edited images from one shoot from my 10,000 image archive. Subscribe (below) to be a Site Member to receive notifications when new Blogs are published of new edits  published from my archive

4) PARTNERS - Appreciate my artistic friends with links to their portfolios

Bon Voyage Créatif

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