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Eastern Fiords Story

After shooting in the Berufjordur Fiord, we had the option of driving on the Oxi road that is a short cut to Egilsstadir. However, I had read that this gravel road involved driving in steep mountains.  With the rain, fog and my fear of heights, this did not sound inviting. We decided to continue to drive on the other side of Berufjordur and around the headlands into the next northern fiord, up the valley at the end of that fiord , over a mountain pass and then connect to one of the main roads to Egilsstadir.  This still involved driving on a gravel road as long as the Oxi, but it was just a hilly drive through a beautiful valley with one scary moment driving up the mountain at the end of the valley.

As we rounded the headland after Berufjordur, we found ourselves driving in the fog again on steep mountain roads with drop offs to the ocean below. We saw what looked like a beautiful beach overlook and paused to explore.  It was very foggy and windy and the sea was wildly crashing into the cliffs and beach. The beach had a massive sea stack that added to the scenery.  My partner, the Mountain Goat, immediately delighted in finding a way to climb down to the beach and scramble up some other cliffs to get a closer look at the wild sea. I was content to stay where I was using my 200mm lens to capture some landscapes and her joy in exploration.

That overlook turned out to be the high point and we descended to begin our drive down the valley at the end of the fiord. For the next 40 KM, we saw one other car.  The hilly gravel road took us through the valley with steep foggy, deep green mountains surrounding it. We occasionally had to maneuver around some road obstacles (i.e. herds of sheep). You could see several thin waterfalls cascading from the mountain sides in a few places.  We would soon discover as we drove up the switchbacks to the mountaintop that the road passed near one of these streams. We paused to shoot some nudes on the steep mountain side with the valley below. As we descended to the next valley, we came across a herd of cows with foggy mountains and waterfall in the background. What a cool image! Anastasia jumped out of the car to pose with her new friends...but the cows had other ideas and ran off as we laughed about her rejection.  So we left our friends behind and continued down the road to Egilsstadir about an hour away.

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