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Egilsstadir Forest Story

Yes, there are trees in Iceland!  The forests around Egilsstadir are considered to be Iceland‘s largest forests covering an area of 740 hectares with a mixture of trees; most of which is native birch.  We made the best decision when we switched our plans and decided to stay in Egilsstadir for 3 nights...and were lucky to find such amazing lodging during the high season. We stayed in this two bedroom cabin with eclectic decoration and a view of the valley below.  The place had a community sauna and jacuzzi that you could reserve. And there was a little stream and waterfall within a minute walk of our cabin. Egilsstadir was only 10 minutes away and offered many nice places to eat as well as shopping for necessities, like hiking boots!

When we arrived at Egilsstadir, the last few days of cold and rain were gone and we had mostly sunshine the rest of the trip. The last morning of staying in our cabin, I woke up to find Anastasia gone. She came back and had been exploring the woods and creek near our cabin. She said go check it out to see if I wanted to shoot there.  OMG, a little paradise! The sun was just rising and starting to filter through the trees.  There was a dewy field of grass and little blue flowers sparkling in the early morning sun. Behind the field was a meandering creek (pictured above) with a little waterfall that the sun was just starting to illuminate.  Did I want to shoot it? You bet! We shot some lovely images in the dewy grass back lit by the rising sun and then moved to shooting around the little waterfall. Such a nice way to start the day with a relaxed shoot at your cabin's doorstep!

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