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Kvernufoss Waterfall Story

The second day, after an early morning shoot at the Basalt Cliffs, we spent the afternoon playing tourist visiting the major waterfalls in the Vik area. The main attraction, Skogafoss, had too many people to consider shooting there. So, we focused on exploring and doing our own landscape photography.  After having a late lunch there, we headed over to a waterfall near Skogafoss that was a short drive and hiked back into a canyon to see - Kvernufoss. 

There were less people visiting this one, but still too many to shoot. So we started off by enjoying the area and taking landscape photos.  As shown in the photo above, Anastasia (white coat) enjoyed hiking behind the falls and shooting. Eventually the crowd thinned out leaving us with the freedom to shoot.  Anastasia found a large boulder with smaller rocks in the middle of the stream downstream from the falls that afforded a view of the falls in the background. I watched her do it and still don't know how she managed to remove her clothes, then balance on these small rocks in the middle of the stream, and do various poses. The results were amazing with the falls in the background as well as close up ones focused on her in the stream with all the rocks and greenery surrounding her. I knew it would not be likely to do any shoots at these major waterfalls that are tourist destinations.  So, I was very pleased we could capture these images in such a perfect location.  Hats off to Anastasia for her scouting and acrobatic/balance skills!

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