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Reynisfjara Basalt Cliff &
Reynidrangur Sea Stack Story

On our second morning, we visited the famous Reynisfjara Basalt cliffs. We had planned to shoot some fashion and art nudes, but there were a few early risers at the beach already. We opted to shoot with a beautiful flowing red dress. Anastasia did some beautiful work climbing the cliff and using the wind to flow the dress. Then we moved to a large cliff near the main one with her dancing in the black sand and flowing red skirt. Suddenly I turned around and realized we had an audience because a bus load of people had arrived.  We realized to shoot there we needed to arrive much earlier before sunrise to beat the crowd.  So we left to spend the day exploring the many massive waterfalls near the Vik area.

The next morning we arrived to shoot at just before sunrise at 5 AM. There was a couple already there shooting wedding videos by the cliffs.  Luckily the tide was out and we hiked down to a part of the beach that is normally underwater to be right in front of the Reynisdrangur Sea Stacks. We hit a gold mine of shooting possibilities with no one around! Always the climber, first Anastasia scrambled up the side of the cliff so the rising sun provided a golden rim light to her form against the black cliffs. Then we moved to shooting with the sea stacks in the background as the rising sun lit them up. Such incredible timing to be there to take advantage of a sunny day! I was getting a little nervous as the tide appeared to be coming in around the areas where she was posing. So, we started hiking back towards the Basalt cliffs and found some amazing little caves carved into the black rock cliffs. We captured some amazing images with Anastasia surrounded by the jagged roughness of the black rock and limited light filtering into the caves. When we arrived at the Basalt Cliffs, the newlyweds had left and we had the whole place to ourselves. We quickly shot some beautiful art nudes as Anastasia climbed among the many ledges expertly blending her form to the curvature of the cliff's ledges. At one point a few people wandered by and she quickly donned her grey sweater, which made for some cute pictures. As we finished around 7:30 AM, just like the day before, the first busload of people arrived and the magic of having the place to ourselves was broken.  We left to get some breakfast and chill out after our early morning adventure.  We would come back later in the afternoon to explore and shoot on the western part of the black sand beach.

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