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 Stokksnes Mountain Story

Day 5 saw major changes to our planned trip.  We had planned on staying for 4 days in two bases near Diamond Beach and Hofn, then drive to Egilsstadir in one day to fly back to Reykjavik. The rain was continuing to pour and was forecasted to rain the whole time in these two locations. Diamond Beach had no "diamonds" on it with the ice melting from the rain. In addition, the soles of Anastasia's boots had disconnected in a hike she had made the day before, leaving her with no waterproof shoes. We were out in the sparsely populated part of the country. The only place to buy new boots was either 3 hours back in Vik where we had come from, or 3 hours north to Egilsstadir. In addition, the rain gear I brought with me was water repellant (not waterproof) and I had made the mistake of not bringing rain pants (Yes, brought yours as you enjoy reminding me!).  With the amount of time we were spending being in the rain, I needed to  upgrade as I was getting soaked. So, made the decision to cancel the current and next lodging and book 3 nights in Egilsstadir and change the trip to explore unplanned sites that we would find on the road to Egilsstadir, Studagil Canyon and the eastern fiords with their valleys and mountain passes around Egilsstadir. It turned out to be the best decision because we left rain behind us eventually and saw/shot some of the best locations of the trip.

Stokksnes Mountain was the first planned stop and part of the original plan. This was probably the location I was most looking forward to visiting.  The massive jagged peaks sit right by the ocean with an expansive black sand beach in front of it with numerous sand dunes topped by grasses.  Of course, it was raining and foggy as we started out. When we arrived, there were not many people around, but it was raining with a brisk wind coming off the ocean where I would have to point my lens. UGH! We had started a ritual for our rainy day shoots with Anastasia requesting the Iceland Fairies and Elves to slow the weather so we could create.  We spotted a location on a dune overlooking the foggy mountain. As we got set up and I did some test shots, the constant wind was blowing the rain  straight into my lens. This was going to be fun! But as Anastasia got prepared to start shooting, the Fairies heard our request! The wind changed direction and the rain stopped from a steady pour to sprinkles. We started out with some fashion, as there were some people nearby using a black knit top and then the infamous green dress that served us so well on this trip, and then switched to nudes. We finished shooting in the location, but Anastasia was now inspired in spite of the rain. So we finished up shooting on the beach with a different fog shrouded mountain in the background for a different look. Captured some amazing images as she pranced with joy being one with nature.  I think If I had not stopped the shooting, she would have kept going. As we got back into the car, the rain picked up its tempo. The Fairies were with us!  And as we headed down the road driving along foggy steep mountain roads between fiords, the Fairies had more surprises in store for us and some of the best shooting of the trip!

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