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  • Eric Scott

Dancing with The Light - Femina (2020)

I view creating with a model as a Dance. The model and photographer dance together to capture a certain look or vision, and they both dance with the Light to accentuate that creation. It should be fluid experience, constantly in motion to keep the energy high, and creativity flowing. Normally I am a fast shooter, capturing the images I want early in the dance while the energy is still high. I know what I 'm looking for and when I see that I have captured it, I am satisfied. So dancing with the model Femina, as the sun set on a windy Yucatan beach, was the exception to my rule. With the setting sun behind her playing across her features and the wind wiping her hair as she continued to find pose after pose in rapid fashion, I could not stop shooting. Every frame was a unique play of light, expression and exuded different energies. The results are not always in focus, but I love the energy and creative intent in all of them.

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