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  • Eric Scott

Freedom's Struggle

From birth, the natural human condition is freedom. Over time parental, societal, religious, and governmental restraints become actual or perceived shackles to personal freedom, including the self limitations that are bred into us to keep us from becoming our true selves. How each of us handles this life long struggle determines if you live a life true to yourself and free, or a limited half life. For this unique set, one model (Zinn Star) was inside the body stocking representing "Repression" attempting to absorb the other model (Caitie) to kill the Free Spirit. Freedom fights Repression, almost giving in and embracing it, and then struggles to be free in the end, leaving Repression to shrivel in the Light of Freedom. Zinn and Caitie did a masterful job of posing together inside the stocking. I had seen body stockings used with one model in other photos, but never two models in the same stocking. So I was very pleased with how the concept worked including the jail-like grid lighting and editing to juxtapose the paler life sucking image of Repression vs. the more colorful Freedom as she escapes. For fun, the last 4 images are outtakes of them being silly together as I was preparing the lighting. Created in 2015.

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