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  • Eric Scott

KhrystyAna Naturale

I cannot believe that I have been acquainted with the Ukrainian KhrystyAna for over 10 years. She is such a unique person. She reminds me of Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe as she has an unpretentious, kind of naïve quality to her, while having lioness determination. Her enthusiasm and beauty lights up any room she enters. We finally had the pleasure of working together all day around Sandy Hook, NJ in 2016. I was experimenting to create more artistic images and she made it an epic session. These images are shot on or near the beaches. Shortly after our shoot her hard work took her to be a runner up in America's Next Top Model, a Playboy Playmate, numerous covers and advertising, originator of the Real Catwalk promoting healthy body images. Recently, she returned to her homeland to help with the Refugee crisis at the Polish Border.

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