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  • Eric Scott

Slavic Sari (2012)

I think the Ukrainian born Anastasia Arteyeva is one of the top art models in the world. I have had the pleasure of creating with her a few times. Each time she takes the sessions to the next level with her styling, attention to detail and graceful posing. And, so it was on our last shoot together in 2012. We had the opportunity to and fun to play with a beautiful yellow, beaded authentic sari borrowed from an Indian friend, Simi. Anastasia then added her styling with the perfect accessories, makeup and hemp painting to accentuate the look. The lighting I created used a yellow gel with grid to splay a grid pattern on the gray seamless paper background, a light behind her to highlight the sari and provide rim lighting and one large umbrella to provide soft portrait lighting to the front. Some incredible results. Ironically, 10 years later, Anastasia and I will be traveling together in 2022 to explore Iceland. Based on our plans and her input already, it will be an epic creative trip and travel adventure!

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