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  • Eric Scott

Cuba Tobacco Fields - Vassanta (2016)

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

In our first trip to Cuba, the model Vassanta and I visited Vinales which is famous for where Cuba's cigar tobacco leaves are grown. We were there primarily for location scouting for future photo workshops. We happened upon a random tobacco field out the in middle of nowhere with a beautiful backdrop of the mountains that we decided to do a guerrilla shoot. With our guide as a look out, we shot around a utility shed and the field itself capturing some lovely images among the crops and artistic images in the shed with light filtered through the wall wood slates. We were being stealthy shooting in the shed and staying low among the leaves. There is one Behind the Scenes shot of Vassanta looking behind her as we thought someone was coming up on us. In the end we spotted people coming down from the near by hills toward the we hurried off to other locations.

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