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  • Eric Scott

Cuban Beach Art Nudes - Caitie (2017)

After shooting some fashion, I shot art nudes with Caitie among the rocks and waves at a beach near Trinidad, Cuba. Our guide had promised blow holes and other interesting well as seclusion. He delivered. The waves were really pounding that day after a storm had passed through. In my shooting and editing I had fun shooting water blowing up through the blow holes around Caitie, and getting several nice bodyscape shots with different wave action. I worked hard editing these to give the waves some dimension through shadowing rather than over exposed white blobs. Models' dedication to getting the shot never ceases to amaze. When lying on the rocky beach for several minutes, after getting the shot, Caitie jumped up as she had been lying in a bed of little crab like creatures in shells while shooting and holding the poses. You could see the whole "beach" moving. Ironically, I finished editing all of these images 4 years to the day we did the shoot. When sharing the images with Caitie 4 years later, the first thing she said was "EEK, that was the day that the crabs were nibbling on me!"

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