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  • Eric Scott

Cuba Tobacco Barn - Vassanta (2016)

As part of location scouting for future photo workshops in Cuba, our guide helped to negotiate shooting on a tobacco farm that would allow privacy. Dotted throughout the tobacco growing region of Vinales are these massive tobacco drying barns. Beautiful and simple structures of wood frames with palm fronds lashed together for the walls, and covered by metal roofing. This blog focuses on the the shooting we did around and inside the barn on this farm. It made for some creative contrasts in texture and filtered light inside the darkness of the barn. Little did I know that a few months later Vassanta would retire from modeling, and that shooting on this farm would be the last shoot of our 10 year creative partnership. I actually think our last shoot was one of our best - with very creative and emotive posing by her, and believe my shooting and editing is some of my best work as well.

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